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We are a team of photographers, digital creators, stylist, and in-house retouchers based in Charlotte, North Carolina. After years of experience working closely with talent agencies, business owners and their brands as well as models and actors, we have solidified ourselves as the go to company for personal and professional branding in the Charlotte region.

Have a project? We are excited about producing solid visual elements that create a long lasting impression.

About Us.

Our company has been committed to giving our clients and their brands detailed attention from start to finish for the last 5 years. At BLACKPRINT Photography, we take the time to understand your vision, clarify your request and execute a plan to deliver commercial-quality sharp images that exceed your expectations by executing and heightening your brands identify.

We provide full-service photography, digital marketing services and consulting for new companies, models and actors. Our creative team is prepared to take your brand to the next level. Although relatively a new company in this field we believe our fresh take on the industry and it's trends is what makes us the right fit for any project.

Whether your needs involve personal and professionalbranding, lifestyle, product, on-location shooting, our amazing team of skilledphotographers, Creative Directors, and stylists will make sure your imagesdemonstrate your marketing goals.

Five main values we subscribe to that makes our creativegroup your first choice:

  • Striving for excellence and positive representation forour clients and our group as a whole.
  • Conducting ourselves with integrity while establishingstrong relationships with our clients that are based in trust.
  • Maintaining an empowering work environment that producespositivity, productivity, and creativity.
  • Producing a product that exceeds our client's expectationsand goals which creates life long relationships.
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